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Conditions We Treat

From back and neck pain to headaches to more severe (and sometimes chronic) forms of physical pain, we have a variety of approaches, tools, and conservative care solutions to treat aches and pains of all types. Our methods cover a wide array of possibilities and techniques—meaning you will be matched with the technique or service that will best suit your needs and comfort level.

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  • "I have been receiving chiropractic adjustments since 2013 and have never felt any better. I switched to seeing Dr. Byall in March of 2016 hoping a second opinion might help. 6 sessions later and I am being released as a patient, something I never thought would happen. I've never felt better and I can't thank Dr. Byall and the Fort Wayne Spine and Joint team enough. I won't hesitate to recommend them to my friends and family."

    Madelynn S.

  • "I had severe arm pain. Dr. Hiss has helped me 100%! I am feeling much more normal now. It is very nice to come to Dr. Hiss, everyone is so nice to me there. "

    Martha M.

  • "When I pulled a ligament in my foot Dr. Byall was so helpful in my quick recovery. His treatments were the only thing that eased the pain and got me on the road to recovery. I had visited my MD and Ortho doctor without any help. Dr. Byall instead started to bring immediate results. Within a few weeks I'm back to normal. Thank you Dr. Byall. "

    Karen H.

  • "I struggled with hives for about 8 years. I had scars form itching so much. At times I couldn't sleep. I was taking multiple medications, at times I felt like I was at my wits end. A friend of my husband referred us to Dr. Hiss. My hives went away within 3 days! I don't have to take the medications. I only take my supplements. I am so thankful Dr. Hiss helped me! "

    Christina R.

  • "Dr. Byall is amazing! I have peripheral polyneuropathy and he helps me get relief that my medications do not provide."

    Rita P.

  • "The experience and care I receive every time I walk in the door of FWSJ is one of a kind. I cannot begin to express how wonderful I feel every time I walk out the door! If I ever have an ache or pain, I know that I will be in good hands with Dr. Hiss. As a Crossfit Athlete, my body goes through a lot of wear and tear, and I can always count on speedy recovery with any kind hurdle that may come may way with his care. The first place I always call when I need an adjustment is Fort Wayne Spine & Joint. Thanks to them, I am able to keep moving and perform at the level I’m at now."

    Maddie S.

  • "Dr. Byall was very helpful in not only treating my immediate pain, but also showing me beneficial exercises that I could do at home or work to help me manage my problems on my own in order to reduce or eliminate future issues. He maintains a very inviting office with a helpful staff and I would definitely recommend him to any of my friends and family."

    Adam C.

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