Dr. Nathan Hiss

Dr. Nathaniel Hiss grew up on a small dairy farm just outside of Fort Wayne. Following graduation from Columbia City High School, he went on to earn his undergraduate degree from Purdue University with a major in Health Sciences, and minors in Biology and Psychology. Following college he became certified as a personal trainer and started guiding people towards a healthier lifestyle, while he waited to start graduate school, and continued to train throughout his schooling. To this day he keeps a high interest and knowledge base involving exercise physiology.

Dr. Hiss attended Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida. While there he was educated in several techniques including: Palmer package, Thompson drop, Cox Flexion/Distraction, Activator, Sacro Occipital Technique, and Applied Kinesiology. Dr. Hiss has been trained in the area of active rehabilitation and is certified in physiotherapy. He has furthered his education in these areas with post graduate training including Kinesiotaping, pediatrics and he is currently training in the field of Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

In addition to Dr. Hiss' chiropractic background, he holds a strong interest in diet and nutrition. He believes that nutrition plays a major role in individuals' health and treatment.

Dr. Hiss believes that in order to be healthy and become pain free, one can not focus only on one aspect of their health. He takes into consideration that there are three main types of stressors that can cause physical pain and illness. They are physical stress, like a lifting injury, emotional stress, like the death of a loved one, and chemical stressors, like a poor diet or environmental pollutants. Dr. Hiss will help pinpoint which of these areas need improvement and work with the patient to improve them. In doing so he might use chiropractic manipulation to affect one's central nervous system and neurological function. Exercise physiology and physical therapies are utilized to strengthen weak or unbalanced musculature. Nutritional counseling may be provided in order to support the body's healing response and manage weight. Finally, stress management skills are reviewed and recommended at times in order to aid in one's mental processes and overall stress reduction.